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economic growth and▓ social progress.Gender discrimination must be eliminated, ▓and equal pay for equal work must b▓e enforced, said Li, calling f

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or efforts to provide special work protection to female employees and boost su▓pport to them, including training, tax waivers or rebates, and legal and business assistance.Greater efforts should be made ▓to select or promote fem

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ale cadres, and wo▓men should enjoy greater opportunities and capabilities to govern economic and social affairs, Li said.The premier also urged greater care for particularly vulnerable groups, including the poor, sick and disabled, elderly women as well as single▓ mothers.Calling children the "

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future and hope of a nation," Li said priority should be given to the education of children. Li urged advancing balanced developmen▓t of compulsory education by investing more▓ heavily in education in central and western r▓egions, border areas, ethnic minority areas an

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d impoverished areas.Work to expand ▓enrollment of students from poor areas in prestigious universities sho

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